Teton Firearms LLC was started in 2016 for the simple reason that I enjoy the idea of buying and selling firearms of all types. I am a gun owner and decided that I would go through the process of getting my Federal Firearms License so that I could turn my hobby of owning and enjoying guns into being able to sell firearms as a business. 

My store is here to sell all types of firearms, both new and used.  I am not interested in competing with the big box stores, but am able to stay competitive! 

Teton Firearms LLC has a wide variety of firearms in stock.  From hunting rifles, handguns and tactical firearms for personal use and home defense.  I can also supply special order firearms for you!  If you don’t see what you're looking for, just email or call (406-590-5678) and let me know what you are looking for. I have a wide variety of wholesalers to choose from and can find any manufacturer, brand, or type of firearm. 

In addition to the Teton Firearms LLC Website, a physical storefront is located in Choteau, Montana and all Firearms listed on the website are also for sale in my store which is open by appointment only. Teton Firearms Website and Store comply with all Local, State and Federal laws in respect to the sale of Firearms and Ammunition. I will buy and trade firearms as well. Check out what I have and contact me with any questions. 

All firearms sold locally will only be transferred once a NICS background check is performed and approved for every individual. All firearms sold on the website will only be shipped to other licensed FFL dealers of the buyers choice and it is the buyer's responsibility to perform all necessary paperwork and background checks with the FFL. Teton Firearms will never ship to individuals unless they are licensed FFL’s. FFL’s will be required to submit their license to Teton Firearms prior to shipment. 

It is also the buyer's responsibility to ensure that all firearms purchased on the Teton Firearms Website are legal in the state they live in and plan to register the firearm. 

Teton Firearms will ship all firearms via USPS Priority mail and will require every package to be signed by an Adult, 21 and over, upon delivery. Tracking numbers will be submitted to buyers if requested and Teton Firearms will receive notice of delivery once the package is signed for. 

Teton Firearms will only ship Firearms and Ammunition to the Continental US. 

Simply, I am a true believer in our Constitution and that our Right to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Never Tread on the Constitution, it is the backbone of our society.